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My 2018 Bullet journal evaluation: Which monthly and weekly log works best under which circumstance

As a continuation to my previous posts about evaluating my 2018 Bullet journal, after Collections, it was time to decide about the monthly and weekly logs.

I have been using a bullet journal for two and a half years now and I have gone through different phases of my life, from being really busy while working full-time and planning my wedding, to being more flexible with my time while taking care of the house. As a result, I have tried  a couple of different monthly logs and several types of weekly logs. Oh and I have never used a daily log by itself. In this post, I will go through the different formats that I have used during the time I am using a bujo, evaluating each one of them.

Monthly logs I have used

  • Two-page monthly log

When I first started with a bullet journal, I was making my own monthly log, spread in two facing pages:

2018-03-12 16.48.39 000-20180312_164839
A two-page format for the monthly log

I had enough space to add a few habits for tracking, as well as some space at the side for notes or anything else I wanted. It was quite simple, but functional. I did like the fact that the working week was in one page and the weekend in another, thus supporting my effort to have more personal time, which was quite precious at that time.

+ Wide view of the monthly log
+ A bit of space for additional notes or things
– Two facing pages needed
– A bit of time needed to set it up
? Is the space used enough for needs or is it too much?

  • Pre-printed monthly pages, for example the ones from Filofax

As I explained in an older post (The utensils I use in my bullet journal), for my bullet journal I use a Filofax Clipbook A5. This came a few default pages from Filofax when I bought it, so for some months I used their pre-printed monthly pages and it looked like this:

Monthly log Filofax.jpg
A pre-printed page of Filofax

They have the same format from both sides, so I used the front side as a monthly log and the back side so as to write a small sentence for each day. They were really useful for me during some months that my husband and me went travelling (we went for a road trip down under!), so as to keep a kind of fast diary. We were keeping an online blog for our travelling, so I just needed small notes that I could use while writing at the blog.

Saving time in preparing the month
+ Two identical pages, so one can be used for something else, for example for a “One sentence per day” page
– Additional cost
– Not a lot of flexibility

  • One-page monthly log

Once the pre-printed pages finished, I decided not to go back to the two-paged monthly log, but compress it into one:

2018-03-16 11.34.24 000-20180316_113425
A one-page format for the monthly log

Evidently, it looks like the first format I was using, but more compact. I did like this more, especially when I did not have any problem with personal time anymore! I was using the facing page for habit trackers, summary of my month and notes that I should include in the month to come, although towards the end of the year I discontinued the use of such a page, as I was spending less and less time on my journal.

My additional page to the monthly log

+ More compact look
– Eventually less space

Weekly logs I have used

  • One-page simple weekly log

This is probably the first type of weekly log I used. It was a totally simple separation of the page in seven horizontal spaces, one for each day of the week. It was ok, but there were days that I needed more space than I had.

2018-03-12 16.47.13 000-20180312_164713
The first and simplest weekly log I made
  • Two-paged compact weekly log

For a few really busy weeks I needed more space that what the one-page simple weekly log was offering, so I used the following format:

weekly 2016.jpg
A two-paged weekly log

It did give me enough space for several tasks, as well as a way to track the water I was drinking (the blue squares) and some meal planning. In addition, it looked neat, something that I appreciate in general. On the downside, it required a bit more time to set it up.

  • One-paged format with enough space

Since I started using my Filofax, I decided that I wanted a one-page format but with enough space. As a result, from the beginning of 2017 and until May 2018 I was using something like this:

2018-03-16 15.55.48 835-IMAG3127
A one-paged weekly log with enough space for several tasks

I liked and still like this format a lot! It is also neat and structured and have space for several tasks, although in one page. In addition, it is kind of easy to draw it. A combination between the first two weekly logs I have used!

  • Running task list

In June last year we moved to another home and suddenly my free time became scarce and my life less structured. I had already tried the Running task list and I had noticed the advantages of it! So since June I have only made running task list weekly logs:

My weekly log from last week

I loved this way of keeping track of my week. It allows flexibility both in noting down tasks that occur, as well as to which day they are assigned. Especially the latter was so important for me, since I work without strict deadlines.

As you can see I started my 2019 bullet journal with running task lists. I will see though, how the rest of the weeks are going and modify things accordingly.

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