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Autumn feeling at home with a simple autumn wreath

Autumn is here! I am not a person that follows the calendar so as to define the season; afterall the climate is changing. But I do like autumn and its melancholy, mainly because of the beatiful colours nature gets. In central and northern Europe, there is enough green all around and it has started already getting the warmer orange and reddish shades that signify autumn for me.

During the past week, my husband and I spent quite some time in the nature, either hiking or walking in the forest or paths in the mountains. During one of the walks in the forest, I got the idea of creating an autumn wreath for our front door, so as to bring some of this autumn feeling at home. And the forest gave me quite a few first ingredients!

My ingredients once I brought them home. It is important to make the wreath as soon as possible, or the leaves will become too brittle.

I personally appreciate the elegance of a simple wreath. So I just combined a few tree branches with leaves in different shades, a few pine cones and a couple of dried champignons that I had at home by luck.

As base for my wreath, I used a small circle with gardening wire that I made last year for my Christmas wreath. I ended up with enough material for two wreaths and I tried two different ways of fixing the branches around the core circle. In the first one I used a bit of normal wire and in the second nothing at all, just twisting the still flexible branches around the gardening wire. I then used hot glue to adjust the small decorations, such as pine cones, mushrooms or small branches of my rhododendron that has turned bronze too.

I left the two wreaths to dry overnight, so as to make sure that the branches will stay in place and I hanged them the following morning at our door, one towards the inside and one towards the outside. And here is the result!

The wreath hanging inside. The branches are fixed with wire. Do you see my small mushrooms?
The wreath hanging outside. Its core is a bit bigger and the branches are only twisted around it. This one has the branches of my rhododendron