Hello and welcome


I am Katerina, the person behind Aleriona. I currently live in Switzerland, but I grew up in Greece and have lived for a few months in Norway and the Czech Republic and for several years in the Netherlands. I am a Chemical Engineer and I have a few hobbies that I pursue with passion and I want to share with you: books, bullet journal, crafts, cooking and travelling (not in order of importance). In addition, I enjoy trying new things!

I have been reading ever since I can remember. Reading is the oldest hobby I have and books have always been the perfect companion for everything.

I started crocheting during winter 2014, after the loss of my mother. It was my way of handling my grief and it evolved to an amazing pass-time for me. Crochet was followed by knitting and that wood and paper crafts and somehow creativity entered my life.

The last of my everyday hobbies is my bullet journal. I always loved to-do lists and being organised, but could not keep an agenda or a planner for too long. All this changed, when at a period of too many responsibilities and stress, I tried to find something to fit me and I came across the bullet journaling system.

I decided to start my blog to share my passion for all these things and anything else that might come up. I am so glad you are here and I hope this site can be of help. Thanks for visiting!