Knitted summer sweater

One of the challenging things after my relocation from the Netherlands to Switzerland was getting to know the available yarns. In an effort to do that, I have tried a few yarns from LANG; for example the LANG Yarns Mille Colori Socks & Lace Luxe for the Fingerless gloves I made in March.

Mille colori.jpg
Long yarns Mille Colori in blue colours

In the beginning of the summer I was discussing with a close friend about making a summer sweater.  While walking around one of the biggest department store chains here in Switzerland, I saw the really impressive Lang Yarns – Sol Dégradé series. It is a light knitted 100% cotton yarn with an attractive long-repeat dégradé dye effect. The recommended needle size is 5 – 5 1/2 mm. The yarn feels cool to the touch, both while being worked and in the final product. It is totally appropriate for summer projects, so I had found my yarn!

Then came the question of a pattern. After a bit of searching and given the yarn I had in my hands, I used one of the suggestions of Lang yarns: pattern nr. 800-038-002, published in the Folder Sol Dégradé. It is a pattern for knitting, not available for free, so you won’t find a link or a written pattern here. My post is only a review of the pattern and a description of my own sweater.

Summer sweater
The photo included in the official folder of Long yarns (Source Long

As you can see in the photo the dye pattern is really impressive and there are several colours and combinations to choose from. I chose Lang yarns – sol dégradé 61, which is the combination of red and lila.

Sol degrade.jpg
Long yarns Sol dégradé in red and lila
F 61. EN
How the yarn looks from the top

The pattern is mainly in garter stitch, which means knit from both the good and the back side. It has no special stitches in it, so as to allow the colour of the yarn to be the striking characteristic of the final product. The only addition is a few lines or parts with stitches in double length, as you can see in the photo below.

Detail from my sweater: the normal- and double-long lines

This sweater is knitted with both 5.00 mm and 5.50 mm needles. Most of it can be done with straight needles, but for the neck a circular needle is needed. I used KnitPro Symfonie needles (5.00 mm), that can be combined with a cord of any length. I do like the grasp of them and the flexibility to change the length of the circular needle or even make them straight. They are also much lighter than the normal aluminium ones.

Concerning the pattern, the sweater is knitted from bottom to top and in two pieces: front and back. The two pieces are similar but not exactly the same. In the lower part the sequence of normal-long garter lines / double-long garter line is shorter, and as the sweater proceeds towards the top, the sequence is longer, meaning there are more normal-long lines than double-long ones. To be more specific, in the middle part there are no double-long stitches from side to side, but only “patches” of them in different points. Personally, I didn’t like these patches of double-long stitches, so for the middle part I made my own sequence that resembles the lower part of the sweater. I also modified a bit the sleeves, by making them resemble the neck part.

My sweater finished

It was the first time I tried a project this big in knitting. I am more a crocheter. I was lucky to have my mother-in-law close, who knits, so as to correct my technique and help me with questions. As a rather beginner in knitting and in combination with the moving of houses that dominated my past two months, the sweater took quite some time to be completed. I had to try several times parts like the neck and the sleeves, till I make them satisfactory. But I think that the final result is not bad. What do you think?

Wearing my sweater on a sunny day!

To summarise my impression of Lang yarns – Sol dégradé, I would say that I like the yarn a lot, mainly for summer projects. It feels cool and soft. In general Lang yarns are not cheap yarns. I paid at least 9 euros per ball of 100g, ca 200m, without sending costs, when the yarn was coming from Germany and about 17 chf when bought in Switzerland. For my sweater I used about 350 g, so the materials costed at least 32 euros. But the quality is really nice, the colours vibrant and they are long balls. I totally recommend them!