Bullet journal

Organising house move through bullet journal

In continuation to the post I wrote about a month ago, about organising house seeking through bullet journal and since we decided which house to rent, this month we have to organise the move and once again my bullet journal comes in handy!

To begin with, we decided that we are not going to move the furniture ourselves, but we are going to hire a company. My husband initiated the process of getting offers and I started taking the notes. The result was a page in my journal similar to the one of the houses:

InkedBuJo moving companies_LI

But the most imporant and fun task of the move is the “decoration”. Even the previous times we moved, my husband and I used the layout of the new house and the current furniture in appropriate scaling, so as to decide where everything will go. It is a funny procedure, but it proves itself to be brilliantly useful and important!

BuJo house plan
Inventory of our furniture and list of things to solve before the “big” day

I could have used my bullet journal for the whole of this procedure, but I have an A5 size notebook (the Filofax Clipbook in a bright red). We wanted to have a bigger sized layout of the new house, so as to be able to play around with the furniture. So the actual plan was done outside my bullet journal, but the inventory of our furniture is now part of my journal. I also note the important questions we have to solve before the moving company comes to collect our things.

For the plan of the house we used the layout we got from the agency and the area the different furniture will occupy. I created the two-dimensional footprint of our furniture by taking into consideration the scale of the layout of the house. And the result was this:

House plan_1

Isn’t it cute and funny? We can move the furniture around and try them around in the different rooms, so as to check our alternatives already!


Bullet journal

Organising house seeking through bullet journal

We are in a period of turmoil, as we are moving once again (the sixth time in eight years!). The past month we have been looking for a house in the new town we are planning to live in.

The past two times we moved without huge problems, to houses that we loved. Unfortunately, this time the decision is not so easy. We are leaving a really beautiful area and a house that really feels like home and we have not fallen in love with any of the houses we have seen in the new town. But time is getting close and it is better for us to take a decision, and everything is so confusing and so unclear…

And at this point my nice red bullet journal turns to be so useful! I decided to make a list of the houses we are visiting, note the basic information about them and leave space for our thoughts and notes.

strange photo.jpg


Well, it is not exactly a bullet journal thing, but more like a list of comparing the different offers and noting the pros and cons. If I didn’t have a bullet journal I might still have ended up doing a list of the houses on a random piece of paper. I remember keeping track of the houses we were viewing when we were moving from one town in North Holland to another one in a random notebook I had around. But now I don’t need a random notebook. I have my bullet journal. It just demonstrates the different ways a bullet journal proves to be useful in my life!