Crocheted girl’s coat

I have a beautiful godchild, Zafeiria, who is now about 2.5 years old. Unfortunately, I do not get the chance to see her too often, but she is always on my mind. In June she was celebrating her nameday and in May, I thought of making something nice for her. By luck, a really good friend was visiting me about the time I was looking for something and we both agreed that a particular pattern by Majovel crochet, named Girl’s coat, was so cute!

The pattern of Girl’s coat is for free. Majovel crochet has everything in Spanish and unfortunately it is a language I haven’t learnt yet, but she has several videos in Youtube, probably machine translated to english. The girl’s coat can be found in the this link.

A picture from Majovel’s girl coat

Three colours are used for the coat. The original example is white, dark purple and black as you can see in the photo above, but I decided that white is not a good choice for a 2.5- year old child. Besides, personally I like vibrant and happy colours, so I decided instead of white to use my absolutely favourite Stylecraft Special DK – Matador (1010). I combined that with Stylecraft Special DK – Burgund (1035) and Stylecraft Special DK – Black (1002).

The three Stylecraft Special DK colours I used

Stylecraft Special DK is a soft and of good quality acrylic yarn, that is not very expensive, but has proved to me that it behaves well when washed, without losing colour or deteriorating. My example is Lukas, who is as old as my godchild and has travelled all around the world with us.

The hook I used in order to achieve the measurements I wanted was size 3.50 mm. I used my also absolutely favourite Clover Amour (3.50 mm) . I have explained which hooks I used in a previous post.

Concerning the girl’s coat, it was the first time I had to follow a youtube video instead of a written pattern. I have to admit that I prefer written patterns, even if videos are more explanatory. I had to have my tablet always within reach and turn the video back and forth all the time. All these made working a bit uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, Majovel has done a brilliant work of explaining everything clearly and nicely, so following her pattern was not difficult at all. Most of the pattern consists of double crochets. The coat consists of four pieces: a hood, two sleeves and the body of the coat. Additionally, it has two ears and a bow knot. The body of the coat is worked from top to bottom.

The coat I made from the back!

Being a bit more experienced in crochet, I rarely follow the counting of the stitches that the pattern suggests. What is important for me, is the length and width I should achieve. Majovel suggests that for a 3-year old the initial chain should be 32 cm, the first part 16 cm long and the skirt 27 cm long. The equivalent for a 4-year old is initial chain 33 cm, first part 18 cm long and skirt 30 cm long.  I wanted to make a coat somewhere in between these measurements, so that Zafeiria would wear it for two autumns.

The coat from the front

In total, in my case, the body of the coat was 20 rows the top part before the skirt and the skirt itself 20 rows red, 8 burgundy and 5 black. The sleeves were 14 rows red, 8 burgundy and 5 black, and the hood 25 rows. The ears and bow knot were two incredibly sweet details, that I enjoyed adding to the coat! And to make it a bit more special, I searched a bit for the buttons I would use and I found some really funny purplish elephants!

Detail from the coat

I finished the coat on time for Zafeiria’s nameday that is on the 11th June. But by then we had entered the turmoil of moving houses and I neglected sending it a bit. I hope my godchild was still happy to receive it even with a bit of a delay! She looks nice in it, no?




Fingerless gloves

Hopefully winter is over, but even in spring the weather can be cold, at least in Switzerland or the Netherlands I have been spending my last several springs. I have been looking for some nice thin gloves that I could use when I am crocheting outdoors or when I do not want to wear mittens or winter gloves. During last Christmas my husband and I had a thorough look in the Christmas Market of Zurich. We did see several nice pairs, but most of them had too long parts in the arms and I didn’t think I would enjoy that.

In the end, I decided to make fingerless gloves myself at exactly the size and the length I wanted. Looking in the internet, I found a really nice pattern for free from Crejjtion. So my problem was solved!

The original pattern suggests using a 3.0 mm hook and the finished gloves would be 21cm long and with a diameter of 18cm.

2018-04-03 15.05.05 869-IMAG3148_1.png

For the first pair I made, I started with a 3.0mm hook and a Baby Supremo Super Merinos yarn of 100% pure wool in red colour, which I had received as a present in one of the yarns exchanges I am participating from time to time. I followed the written pattern and started with 50 stitches, but after a couple of lines, I decided that neither the pattern was nicely visible, nor the fit comfortable, so I used a 3.5 mm hook instead. Another choice would be to increase the starting stitches. The increase should be by 10 stitches, otherwise the pattern would not correspond to nice shells. The best fit can be achieved by changing both the stitches and the size of the hook.

In order to make my pair of gloves shorter than the pattern suggests, I just had to decrease the rows before the thumb. Instead of 21 rows before the thumb, as the pattern suggests, I did only 13. In case you change the number of rows as me, you have to pay attention that the total is an odd number. The shells look nice only when a pair of rows is done (one that the shells are created – such as rows 3 and 5 – and one where the difference in length is equalised – such as rows 2 and 4).

For the rest of the glove I followed the instructions of the pattern.

I liked my gloves a lot! They are soft and comfortable, as well as elegant. A couple of weeks ago it was the birthday of a friend of mine here in Switzerland and trying to think of something to give her. How about a pair of fingerless gloves?


I made the second pair following my modifications for the first one and used a nice yarn from LANG Yarns Mille Colori Socks & Lace Luxe in shades of blue. It is a rather thin yarn of 73% wool, 25% nylon and 2% polyester, with grades of blue colour spun with a fashionable metallic thread, a characteristic that makes it look really nice. Don’t you agree?

The project did not take me long to complete. I could make a glove per day without a lot of haste.  Do try it if you want a pair of nice fingerless gloves!

P.S. Concerning the links used here, please check my Disclaimer.