As I mentioned in my post Puzzle: Heaven – Hell, at my home we enjoy puzzling. It is more than a month since we completed the previous one and two days ago I got in mood of puzzling again!


We have several puzzles at home, but one of them was still in its box unopened. It is entitled Corsair, it has in total 1000 pieces and it is from Heye. That’s the one I chose!

As Heaven and Hell (the puzzle we finished last time), Corsair is a comic drawing with small sketchy humans and several funny small incidents. Corsair is about a sea battle involving two big ships with soldiers wearing red uniforms of the Georgian British era and one smaller belonging to pirates. The pirates are attacking the two ships and stealing the treasure boxes. The whole picture is completed by the contemporary aspect of a beach, with bikinis and even oil!

Digging to hide your treasure and finding oil!

We found this puzzle a bit challenging, as there are several sails and more uniform characters. Nevertheless it took us only two days to complete it and we did enjoy it!

Look at the funny details of the kitten pirate, the pirate being shot with a pie and the pirates in love!

The photos of the details are taken from the poster that accompanies the puzzle.

Water skiing and treasure stealing

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Puzzle: Heaven – Hell

A hobby of both me and my husband is puzzling! I have liked puzzling since I was a child. At that point I was even going through the process of gluing them together, so as to be able to decorate them in my room, when I would get one of my own (I grew up sharing a room with my sister). Well when I moved by myself, this was about 3000 km away from my parents’ house, so my puzzles stayed behind.

When I met my husband, I discovered a new way of puzzling. In his family they were keen puzzlers for generations, but in the end they were destroying the puzzle and setting it aside in the attic or somewhere, so as to have the fun of doing it again some time later! And yes I have to admit I adopted this idea too!

Last week, the weather was cold and I got in mood of puzzling. We had bought two new ones since Christmas and they were just standing on a shelf, so last Thursday I brought one of them down and opened it!

Traditionally we are Ravensburger puzzle fans. But when we went for Christmas shopping last December, we discovered a new company: Heye.

They have two series that looked interesting for us. One of them is called Panorama and has beautiful pictures from sights around the world. At Christmas we bought the Milford Sound Panorama Puzzle from this series that looks like a postcard of Milford Sound in New Zealand. The other series we found interesting has funny drawings of stereotypes for a subject, such as Alpine Fun Puzzle (it shows what is typical and stereotype for a day in the Alpes), Say Cheese! Puzzle (the equivalent for a day in the Netherlands) etc.

The puzzle I have been busy with the last days belongs to the second category (the funny drawings) and is entitled Heaven – Hell Puzzle.

The puzzle finished!

The puzzle starts on the top with a depiction of Heaven, with God, angels, St. Peter etc.

God in heaven

In the middle comes the normal world, with things people worship: different religions, money, fame etc. Towards the bottom comes Hell, with fires and sinners.

Please leave your soul here!

All these are depicted in a funny way, with several funny things happening within the frame of the puzzle.

A funny small detail of the puzzle

It is a puzzle of 1500 pieces, so not so big but sufficient! It is in a equivalently funny triangular box and is accompanied by a big detailed poster, so as to be able to trace the pieces down. It is exactly from this poster that I have made most of the detailed photos, as the small individual details are a bit easier to show from the poster than from the puzzle with the lines of the puzzle pieces.

The triangular box

The pieces are of nice quality (equivalent to Ravensburger) and there is a nice balance among the possible variations of pieces. I am a puzzler that pays attention to the shape more than the actual picture. But in these puzzles that are cartoons I have started looking at the depiction on the pieces too! It is so much fun to puzzle with these! It is much easier to make the individual scenes separately and try to connect them afterwards. This way I can really find out what is happening in there and enjoy it!

It was such a funny activity to spend some cold days! I would like to try some more of these puzzles!

P.S. Concerning the links used here, please check my Disclaimer.